About US

We are a Gauteng based software development company. Founded in 2003, we initially started as a IT hardware supplier and support consultants to small and medium enterprises. With increasing demand, we opened HRD Software to house our software development division. Since 2006 we have been creating custom applications for a variety of different markets on a multitude of different platforms. At HRD we believe in creating unmanaged packages. You should just have to take care of your business, you don't have to worry about our software.

Our Projects

With multiple talented in house and contract developers at our disposal, we have created and maintained projects which include amongst others, Software directly to the open market as well as client / server based software for business.
With the explosion of smart phones, we included mobile applications to our portfolio. Designing software applications for Android, IOS and Blackberry.

Sightings Tracker

One such application is Sightings Tracker. Sightings Tracker was originally started as a tracking application to mark and record animal and bird sightings. In 2006 when the software was created, markers had to be imported from an external GPS receiver onto a PC where it could be viewed in our application with a custom drawn map. Next came Windows Phone 6 / 6.1, where we could harness the on-board GPS receiver of the phone and save sightings directly, then export those sightings to our PC software.
In 2009, The Android operating system was starting to grow momentum in Southern Africa. The new operating system along with built in Google Maps, allowed us to create a native Java application in which it was now possible to save, edit and view sightings directly on your handset. With Android having its own Market Place, we could now reach a huge audience. The IOS version was released in the beginning of 2013. This software, although started as a non-profit free application has been hugely successful in showcasing the company and what we are capable of doing. It harnesses many different technologies, all of which have been extremely useful in helping us create our business applications. Google Maps, real-time map routing, GPS location based alerts, reverse geocoding based on location, device based database system, large scale SQL database handling, remote web based login system and many more advancements have been created and maintained by us. Sightings Tracker now receives on average 40 sightings a day (Kruger National Park) and is completely self-contained and requires no admin supervision for its daily operations. The sightings stored are officially used for data analysis of game movements in Kruger National Park, as the accuracy of the stored data is constantly verified by our backend server using various techniques and methods.

Game Development

In 2012, HRD Software started an ambitious project to create a game. The project was initially going to be developed for the Android mobile platform, but recently the project brief has been substantially changed to incorporate new technologies recently released. As well as now being a full OpenGL 3d based game, it will also be released for iOS as well as Android platform. Details will be published shortly. Release Date early 2014.

SA Seeker

January 2013 saw the start of the largest project HRD Software has taken on so far. HRD has written server based software to automatically maintain, refresh and edit SA Seeker. SA Seeker is an online South African business directory. The website, hosted by LandShark IT, went live in May 2013 and within 1 month, grew to be the largest South African business directory in the country. The system written and maintained by HRD is completely self-sustaining. Unlike other web based business directories, SA Seeker automatically harvests the information and stores it for every website and business without the need for the listed company to register and upload any information. This approach has enabled us to house over 35000 (and growing) business listings without the need for a huge team of people to have to maintain it on a constant basis. Many more features will be added to the site as each back end module is completed and uploaded to the server. Chances are, if you have a South African based website, it will be on SA Seeker

Advanced Web Development

Web development projects can range hugely in their complexity and time to completion. With more companies moving towards cloud based systems, HRD Software started to create a cloud based software package to help integrate Phone, desktop and web based development. We maintain many websites such as SA Seeker , Master Gas , Sightings Tracker etc. All of which use different back end technologies to run and have user interactivity.